Meet Our Staff

John & Becky Skinner

Meet John & Becky, our Camp Directors. John was one of the first campers in 1989 and truly grew up at camp. After years as a counselor, he joined the board and eventually became the Director.  Becky, who started attending camp in 2007, has been a counselor, Discovery teacher and now is one of our directors and a board member. John and Becky met at camp and their strong partnership  shows in their dedication to camp. They work hard to carry on the mission of our camp program and hope to continue to do so with as much love and compassion as the directors before them. When not at camp, John is the general manager of the Shadowbrook and Becky is a therapist.

Deborah Bresnick

Meet Debb, who has been a social worker at camp since 2006. She provides support throughout the week of camp to campers and counselors and is always good for a hug, a laugh, advice or a silly face.  Debb is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has been working for Santa Cruz County Human Services since 2000.  She says that camp is her favorite part of the year.

Jasmine Glenn

Meet Jasmine, a former camper who, after being a counselor for many years, is now our campfire leader, one of our Discovery class teachers, and an all around integrel part of our camp program. Her creativity and high energy helps keep the camp spirit going throughout the week. When not at camp, Jasmine works as a carpenter for the Berkeley Rep Theater and is the Fundraising Chair on our Board. And she loves fruit. (pictured here, hugging her sister, Nastasia, also a former camper and counselor)

Erika Crail

Meet Erika, who has been attending camp for many years and is currently raising funds to add the ropes course as an activity to the camp week.  Some of her favorite parts of camp are "girl time" in the cabin with her cabinmates, just hanging out and giving her camper the best experience she can.  Erika's calm and gentle nature makes her a stable counselor we can always rely on to handle any difficult situation. During the year, Erika is a flight attendent for Virgin America.

Mark & James Elliott

Meet Mark and James, brothers who have attended camp for many years. Mark, who started volunteering at age 15, is doing his residency in the filed of psychiatry at UCSF School of Medicine. During the year, James lives in San Luis Obispo and works as a software engineer. Both brothers are always up for being goofy and having fun, but know how to balance that with times that call for a more serious attitude.

Samantha Cozens

Meet Sam, who is dressed up here in a silly costume for the last night of camp. Since first coming to camp in 2006, Sam quietly became an invaluable part of our team, first as a counselor, and now as a Discovery teacher. She is always willing to jump in where needed and is an expert lanyard maker.  Her postive attitude and calm demeanor ensure her campers always have a great time!

Cole & Wade Fontes

Meet Cole and Wade, brothers who love the opportunity to be at camp together.  Cole joined our team in 2012 and is a Cabrillo college student with an interest in social work.  Wade, who has been attending camp since 2010, works as a behavioral therapist for children diagnosed with Autism and is also on our board. Both brothers have consistently demonstrated a natural ability to handle sensitive and difficult situations at camp, while still bringing the fun!

Katie the Nurse

Meet Katie, the camp nurse, who joined our team in 2011 and works as a pediatric nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital during the year.  Katie is consistently inspired by the love and positive energy that fills every day at camp. She loves to see how the campers and staff have respect for each other and look out for each other.  Staff say that Katie is not only a camp nurse that takes good care of the kids, but that CARES about the kids....and it shows in everything she does.

Spencer Williams

Meet Spencer, who has volunteered as a counselor for many years and most recently, has been teaching drawing classes. He is always thinking of new ways to bring creativity and healthy living to our camp program. When not at camp, Spencer is deeply involved with his business, Cultured Hounds, where he works with dogs with social behaviors. He says that his experiences at camp directly translate to his work with dogs and is hoping someday to be able to combine the two.

Meet Our Board

The Camp Opp Board

Our board is made up of dedicated individuals who have been part of camp since day one and those that have joined us along the way.  In this photo: (back row, left to right) Deborah Bresnick, Dave Lewis, Allen Dow, Lori Kanawyer, Kent Barnett, Jim Marshall, John Skinner, Glenn Elliott, Wade Fontes; (front row, left to right) Pat Webb, Bernice Robertson, Kelli Kopeck, Jasmine Glenn, Diane Barnett, Becky Skinner; not pictured: Karen Ardito, Dawn Krenz, Rick Roberts. 

Pat Webb & Diane Barnett

Meet Pat and Diane, who have both been part of camp since day one in 1989! After serving as Camp Director and Program Coordinator for over 20 years, Pat and Diane passed the torch in 2011 and now continue to attend camp to provide extra support and guidance.  Camp would not be the same without them.

Karen Ardito

Meet Karen, a retired educator who has been involved with camp since 1989. She coauthored our six year cycle of Discovery Class self-esteem curriculum and now enjoys mentoring current and future Discovery Class teachers.  Karen says that one of the most exciting aspects of camp is when former campers mature and return as counselors and support staff.  "How awesome to see so many young people give back to benefit other kids!"



Glen Elliott

Meet Dr. Glen Elliott, who has been involved in Camp Opportunity since its inception and has been Chair for the Board for the past 20 years. Glen is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who serves as Chief Psychiatrist and Medical Director at Children's Health Council in Palo Alto.  He is also an Emeritus Clinical Professor at UC San Francisco and Clinical Professor (Affiliated) at Stanford School of Medicine.