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Summer 2023 Session (ages 08-13)

Due to low enrollment for our younger session, this summer we are once again only having one session, with all ages. We are hopeful, based on this year's applicants, we will be back to two sessions next summer. Summer 2023 Session is for campers ages 8-13. Staff arrive on Saturday July 29th and Campers arrive on Sunday July 30th. Camp ends for everyone on Friday August 4th. Volunteer Interest from will be soon and a link will be on our website. In the meantime, if you have any questions about volunteering, contact John and/or Becky Skinner at johnskinner.campopp@gmail.com or becky.campopp@gmail.com Camper Referral forms were sent out directly to all eligible returning campers and through our referral agencies. If you have any questions about campers in the meantime, contact Debb Bresnick at debb.campopp@gmail.com

July 29, 2023