One-of-a-Kind Children

Camp Opportunity has been serving the needs of Santa Cruz County children since 1989. In that time, hundreds of young people have benefited from the acceptance and guidance of this unique camp. Our campers are ages 8 to13, and all are referred through Santa Cruz County Human Services.

Our campers come from families facing serious issues such as substance abuse and family violence and all are at risk of abuse or neglect. Most of the children have been or are currently in foster care. Whatever the specific background, there is one common thread in all of these young people's lives: they all need a place like Camp Opportunity.

One-to-One Relationships

The children who attend Camp Opportunity have challenging behaviors and deserve special attention. Recognizing this, Camp Opportunity makes an important commitment that sets this camp apart from others: a one-to-one relationship between counselor and camper.

Each camper is matched with their own individual counselor, 24 hours-a-day, for the entire week of camp. This essential element of camp gives our campers the kind of attention and support that they so richly deserve and so seldom receive. For many of our campers and counselors alike, it is this relationship that provides the most memorable moments of camp.